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We are leaders in Sustainable Water Solutions

TC Construction is proud to be at the forefront of the industry when it comes to emerging, sustainable water treatment solutions and the efficient use of resources. Some of the technologies being utilized locally include Pure Water and Groundwater Recharge Systems.

Pure Water

Pure Water is the newest state of the art process that can convert raw sewage or recycled water into a clean, safe, drought-proof and environmentally sound, local source of high-quality drinking water. Installation and conveyance of the water is similar to the standard potable and reclaimed water applications via PVC, HDPE, or steel transmission mains.

Oceanside Pure Water Conveyance Project team installing pipe
Oceanside Pure Water Conveyance Project


Groundwater levels are facing a steady decline because excessive water withdrawal rates are surpassing the natural replenishment rate, known as recharge, of aquafirs. One method of controlling declining water levels is to use artificial groundwater recharging systems. At TC Construction, we possess extensive expertise in drilling, installation, operation and maintenance of these recharging systems. By implementing these solutions, we actively contribute to the preservation and restoration of groundwater resources, ensuring their sustainable availability for future generations.

Dike 4 Recharge Basins
Dike 4 Pump Station & Recharge Basins