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Installation of
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Utility Infrastructure

Underground utilities are the cornerstone upon which TC Construction has been built. Since our very first project, we have continued to specialize in the installation of utility infrastructure and facilities.


Water Pipelines


sewer pipelines


Storm drains pipelines


Dry utility conduit


Our Specialties




TC Construction has completed thousands of potable water installations throughout multiple jurisdictions in the Southwest. We have deep expertise in mainline and service installations.


Water reclamation is the process of converting municipal or industrial wastewater into reclaimed water that can be used for a variety of purposes. TC has extensive experience in the construction of wide range of water reclamation projects and recycled water conversion projects.


Pure Water is the newest state of the art process that can convert raw sewage or recycled water to create a new, local source of high-quality drinking water that is clean, safe, drought-proof and environmentally sound. Installation and conveyance of the water is similar to the standard potable and reclaim water applications via PVC, HDPE, or steel transmission mains.

Mid-City Pipeline Phase 2A
Camino Del Sur Recycled Water Conversion
Oceanside Pure Water Conveyance



TC Construction is highly specialized in the execution of tough, technical, gravity sewer installations of all types and sizes. We have constructed some of the largest and most challenging projects in the southwest region.

Force Main

TC has installed thousands of feet of force main, also known as pressurized sewer pipe. Many of these installations also involved the construction of accompanying sewer lift stations which we also self-performed.

Alvarado Trunk Sewer Design Build
PB Pipeline / PS 41

Storm Drain

Pipeline Conveyance

Storm drain pipeline conveyance systems are typically constructed with PVC, RCP or HDPE pipe. In the Southwest, TC has installed hundreds of miles of pipeline in some of the most challenging conditions, utilizing all types and diameters of pipe.

Box Culverts

Box culverts can be designed to be either precast or cast-in-place.  Cast-in-place culverts require specialized, skilled, and trained, structural concrete crews. TC employs multiple journeyman carpenter crews, each with extensive experience constructing both precast and cast in place culverts, including single, dual, triple, quad, and larger.

Stormwater Management

State and local regulatory agency requirements are constantly changing and evolving to protect our waterways from harmful stormwater runoff. The strict permitting requirements can be very challenging for developers and municipalities.  TC Construction has taken a proactive approach to these challenges by offering constructability reviews and value engineering services to our clients. We have been at the forefront of the industry working with engineers and leading manufacturers to implement and install the newest and most cost-effective treatment solutions and technologies. Extensive experience with the installation of various types, sizes and designs of underground treatment systems, and storage structures of varying complexities, adds to the versatility of our construction capabilities.

Harmony Grove
Harmony Grove
Harmony Grove

Dry Utilities

Dry Utilities

Our experience with the installation of dry utility conduit systems up to 69KV, contributes to our ability to provide expertise in all types of underground utility solutions.

Robertsons Ranch

Our wide variety of projects we have constructed are a testament to our diverse knowledge and understanding of the materials and techniques used in the construction industry.

Utility Infrastructure

Our Project Managers, Estimators and Foremen are experts in the use of all types of pipes, including but not limited to, PVC, FPVC, HDPE, RCP, VCP, FRP, polyethylene, ductile iron, copper, steel, and stainless steel.

TC Construction has installed pipelines as large as 15 feet in diameter and have extended to over 10 miles in length. The various pipelines are designed to carry potable water, storm water, wastewater, sludge, and other by-products. 

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