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Pacific Beach Pipeline

Pacific Beach Pipeline

City of San Diego

Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Midway District and Middletown, San Diego, CA




The underground portion of the Pacific Beach Pipeline consisted of replacing 33,500 linear feet of 12 through 24 inch water mains. These water mains had been in service from the 1940s through the 1970s and were prone to leaks and major breaks.

In addition, there were 3,600 linear feet of 16 to 24 inch of welded steel water mains on three separate bridges spanning various bodies of water in Mission Bay. The pipelines that required replacing or upsizing (Glenn Rick, North and South Ingraham Bridges) were originally installed in 1975, 1985 and 1988. The bridge work was installed with a combination of both night and day operations. The complicated and unique nature of replacing the bridge pipelines required specialty equipment, such as mobile bridge scaffolds to reach under/over the side of the bridges, and specialty excavators for installing pipe over the side. All work was performed from the bridge deck without the use of a barge.

This project was particularly challenging as it was in a major tourist area (access to coastal cities, beaches and bay) and a highly traveled commercial area (Midway District). Due to these challenges, the majority of the work was performed at night.

16010 Pacific Beach Pipeline So night time photo of paving crew laying asphalt on Mission Bay Drive