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Upas Street Pipeline

Upas Street Pipeline
Phase 2-06

Filanc/County of San Diego

Upas Street, San Diego, CA




This Capital Improvement Project was one of ten separate project packages contracted by J.R. Filanc Construction Co. and was owned and inspected by the City of San Diego. The project consisted of installing approximately 2,200 linear feet of 24 inch CML&C steel pipe and valving in Upas Street. Beginning at 4th Avenue the pipeline was installed in an open cut manner. At 7th Avenue a horizontal directional drill (HDD) process was utilized. The line continued beneath Highway 163 for approximately 1700 linear feet to the exit point at Vermont Street. The HDD process utilized a fused, 30 inch PVC casing, and a fused 24 inch PVC carrier pipe within the 30 inch pipe.

Upas St Pipeline - worker in trench with pipe