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Ocean Beach Pier Emergency Repair

Ocean Beach Pier Emergency Repair

City of San Diego

Ocean Beach, CA




This project consisted of the design and structural repair of two damaged piles of the Ocean Beach Pier. The piles were affected by a significant wave event during an extreme high tide occurring on January 11, 2021.

TC Construction worked in collaboration and consultation with qualified professional engineer Moffatt & Nichol and certified, experienced diving subcontractor American Marine Corporation. We selected a fiberglass, protective jacketing system, to structurally restore in place, the integrity of the damaged columns. Water, hydraulic barnacle busters, and other mechanical processes were used to clean the columns of all marine growth and remove loose, spalled or delaminated concrete to achieve a sound surface that was free of all contaminants. Epoxy coated reinforcing steel was then installed and secured with a sealed fiberglass jacket. Finally, the jackets were filled with underwater epoxy repair grout, which was poured through standing water. All submerged activities such as forming, sealing, rebar installation, and underwater grouting were performed and inspected by certified professional divers.

Unique challenges of this project included unexpected rogue waves, high tide and swell conditions, limited working space, restricted access, loading capacity of the pier, and water quality best management practices. TC Construction selected appropriate means and methods of construction that were suitable for the pier in its current conditions.

Ocean Beach Pier Emergency Repair workers attaching rebar