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Frank Ramirez, Employee of the 1st Quarter 2023

Frank Ramirez with crew, receiving his award for Employee of the 1st Quarter 2023

Frank Ramirez, Operator

Frank is our Employee of the 1st Quarter 2023. Frank is the first employee at TC Construction to reach an unbelievable 40 years with our company! He was hired in 1982 to gunite all of our brow ditches. Not long after that, he became a loader operator and has not left that seat since.

Jan Magoffin, Frank’s current foreman, offers these words: “Frank doesn’t say much but when he does he speaks with an approachable authority, strengthened by years of experience. He is very much respected by his fellow workers for his strong work ethic and comes to work each day with a desire to do a great job.”

Thank you, Frank, for the consistent quality of work you bring, and for all the employees you have mentored along the way!