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Five Reservoirs Retrofit Program Phase 3

Corral Court Sewer Pump Station

Thomas E. Levy Groundwater Replenishment Facility Coachella Dike #4 Pump Station

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711-3 Reservoir Phase II

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711-3 Reservoir Phase II

Project 711-3 Reservoir – Phase II
Contracted By   Otay Water District
Dates Work was Performed September 2000 to June 2002
Location  520 Hunte Parkway, Chula Vista, CA
Scope of Work

  • Construction of a 16-million gallon reservoir and associated piping.
  • Jacking and boring, reservoir liners, floating cover system, masonry, paving, curb & gutter, landscaping, electrical, gas, pumps, valves, fittings as well as miscellaneous site work.

Unique Aspects

  • The rectangular-shaped reservoir measures approximately 770 feet long and 240 feet wide. It goes from an elevation of 7/11 to a bottom elevation of 689.
  • The reservoir will be lined with a special geotextile fabric liner manufactured by C. W. Neal corporation.
  • A floating cover assembly will be placed on top of the reservoir, attached on all four sides by spring tensioned hooks. As the reservoir water level raises or lowers, the spring tension hooks automatically keep the cover taut.
  • A construction challenge was the jacking and boring method needed to install a 42-inch casing as well as a smaller 30-inch casing on either end of the reservoir’s base to provide for the water’s inlet and outlet.
  • This has been a very special project to work on with many state-of-the-art features.