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Montezuma Valley Rd (S22) Emergency Services Slope Repair

 Contracted By   County of San Diego
Public Project
Dates Work Performed   August 28 2013 - September 5, 2013
Location   Warner Springs, California

Scope of Work

  • Repair washed out section of pavement and slope on Montezuma Valley Rd (S22)
  • Remove unstable boulders in bank above Montezuma Valley Rd (S22). Because of erosion by heavy rain, the was an immediate danger that the boulders would fall onto the roadway

Unique Aspects

  • TC Construction is pre-qualified by the County of San Diego to perform Emergency Services Projects. Immediate response is paramount in emergencies as well as the ability to adapt quickly to fluid situations.
  • Managing a safe and successful repair with heavy equiment on a 3/4:1 slope
  • Boulder removal required an excavator with a boom reach of 53'