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Fault Crossing Retrofits

Project Name   Fault Crossing Retrofits to Large Pipeline & Landslide / Liquefaction Mitigation Project
Public Project

Contracted By
   City of San Diego
Contract Value
Dates Work Performed
   January 2009 through present
   Throughout San Diego County

Scope of Work

  • Retrofit seven existing water transmission pipelines located throughout San Diego County
  • Retrofits consist of exposing the existing pipelines on each side of an earthquake fault line, installing butterfly valves and bypass piping so that if, in the event of an earthquake, these lines are ruptured along the fault line, the City will have the ability to shut down and isolate the pipeline on each side of the fault. The City of San Diego will be able to put the ruptured line back in service in a relatively short period of time by running an above ground highline between the two isolation points and connecting to the newly installed bypass piping outlets.

Unique Aspects

  • Site 1B Retrofit required a 20' wide x 36' long x 30' deep pit that was installed directly adjacent to the Dave & Buster's restaurant entrance. Business was uninterrupted with minimal inconvenience to customers.

Value Engineering

  • Cost effective relocation of one of the sites to a safer, shallower and more accessible area

Estimator   Nick Napier
Project Manager
   Elan Schier
   Dave Beith / Derek Franken
   Dave Payne