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Poggi Canyon

Project Poggi Canyon Trunk Sewer
Contracted By City of Chula Vista
Contract Value
Dates Work Performed 8/2004 thru 7/2005
Location 805 Freeway and Main Street in Chula Vista, CA
Scope of Work

  • Design and Build a trunk sewer system for the City of Chula Vista that can carry sewer under the 805 Cal-Trans Right Away. The project consisted of 605 feet of 27" PVC trunk sewer. 500 feet was bored and jacked under the 805 freeway and the remaining 105 feet as installed as an open cut method.
  • After all the work was completed and the new sewer was tested and put into service TCC went back to the old sewer line and pumped it full of concrete grout making sure not to "explode" the old pipe under the freeway.

Unique Aspects

  • This was the first Design Build Project for the CIP Public Works Department of the City of Chula Vista. As a result of sound design and cost effective construction procedures, TC Construction was able to bring this project in under budget, thereby providing the City of Chula Vista with a credit at the end of the project.
  • TC Construction and the Design Engineer, Hirsch Engineering, were able to provide a design that completely eliminated the need for a mechanical sewer bypass, thereby significantly reducing the risk of a sewer spill.

Estimator Wes Wise
Project Manager
Wes Wise
Superintendent Greg Gibbs
Foreman Pete Cuevas