Camino Del Sur Recycled Water Conversion

Otay II Pipeline North Encanto Replacement Project

Carlsbad Oaks North

La Jolla Shores / Pacific Beach Trunk Sewer



Wet Utilities are the cornerstone of TC Construction Company. For 31 years, we have specialized in the installation of wet utility structures and facilities, including

  • Sewer Pipeline from 4" to 102"
  • Water Pipeline 1" to 102"
  • Storm Drain Pipeline 4" to 144"
  • Storm Drain Structures
  • Pump Stations
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Sewer Lift Stations
  • Reservoirs

Our Project Managers, Estimators and Foremen are experts in the use of all types of pipe, including, PVC, steel, ductile iron, HDPE, RCP, VCP, polyethylene, FRP, copper, stainless steel. Alignments and routing are the most crucial part of any pipeline project. Once demand for a pipeline is identified, an alignment must be selected that is technically appropriate, economically feasible, and sensitive to the community and immediate environment. Other issues of importance are safety, traffic patterns, construction impact, service and access. TC Construction Company is routinely called upon to review these issues and offer recommendations.

TC Construction Company has performed feasibility reviews, as well as constructed large and small pipelines designed to convey a variety of materials. These facilities have been as large as 17 feet in diameter, and have extended up to 10 miles in length carrying potable water, storm water, wastewater, sludge and other by-products. The wide variety of projects that have been constructed are a testimony to our diverse knowledge and understanding of materials and techniques used in the industry