Monday Morning Safety Meeting


Newly certified TC employees
OSHA 10 Hour Safety Class



TC Construction Company is the proud recipient of the 2007 Associated General Contractors San Diego Construction Safety Excellence Award for the "Heavy" category, 700,001 to 1 Million Man Hours Worked. This award reflects the safety mindset throughout our organization. TC Construction has an aggressive safety program and continually strives to surpass the highest standards in the industry. Our employees are trained, mentored and monitored to meet or exceed our health and safety standards.

Safety training is conducted in english and spanish by in-house instructors. The staff includes three OSHA Outreach Instructors, two Equipment Instructors and a Fleet Instructor who provide employees with scheduled training and on the job mentoring. Since starting this training 5 years ago over six hundred employees have completed some form of training offered. Job specific safety is a weekly activity topic of our Tailgate Safety Meetings. All new employees, regardless of their experience, are required to attend "New Hire Safety Training." Supervisors receive additional training for Competent Person, Trench and Excavation, Confined Space, CPR and First Aid, OSHA 10 Hour and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program (SWPPP).

Safety awareness is the key to a successful project. We have adopted proven methods that stress the importance of our Safety Culture. For example, all new employees are required to wear yellow hard hats, whereas the seasoned employees wear white hard hats. This little difference enforces the need to pay special attention to these individuals until they are fully trained in the safe performance of their tasks.

Our Safety Team mentors, trains and monitors foremen, superintendents, and job sites to meet and exceed Company goals and California Codes. In addition, they work with management to evaluate employee injuries, code and policy infractions, and identify corrective actions to be taken. This close communication results in reduced employee time off through the use of modified duty/transitional work programs, increasing employee morale, productivity and income, while also reducing Workers' Compensation costs.


TC Construction has developed a comprehensive program that defines the roles of management and employees for providing a safe work environment. Our safety program encompasses the following:

  • Defines formal responsibility for accident prevention.
  • Provides accident prevention policies and training for both supervisors and employees.
  • Guidelines for pre-project planning including all applicable regulations.
  • Specific requirements and checklists for conducting daily job site safety inspections.
  • Employee education regarding emergency procedures and location of urgent care facilities.
  • Educational material for holding daily and weekly Tailgate Safety Meetings.
  • Strict policies and procedures for investigating and reporting accidents.
  • A drug and alcohol testing program that includes pre-employment, post accident and testing for cause.
  • Employer provided Employee Assistance Program.
  • Recognition for significant improvement and continued success in safety performance.

Our Safety Program, like our company, is constantly evolving. It is our commitment to stay on the cutting edge in all areas of the construction industry. We are accomplishing this goal through training, innovation, and feedback from our workforce and our community. It is our responsibility to our employees, our clients and our community to provide the safest work environment possible and to continue to be a leader in the construction industry.