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Balboa Terrace Trunk Sewer

Contracted By   City of San Diego
Public Project
Dates Work Performed   August 2012 - August 2013
Location   San Diego, California

Scope of Work

  • 3000 LF of 15" to 23" pipe installed in open cut sewer
  • 6000 LF of 48" to 72" tunnel with 20" Hobas Pipe
  • 52' deep secant shoring pit required for tunneling and structure
  • Resurfacing, flatwork, offsite revegetation

Unique Aspects

  • 48" auger bore through significant amount of concreted Ardatch shale
  • 72" TBM boring through significant amount of concreted Ardatch shale
  • 52' secant shoring pit adjacent to 69KV powerlines
  • 23' deep slide rail shoring due to adjacent condominium project
  • Abandonment of existing sewer in easement and up to 60' deep