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Crown Point Trunk Sewer

Contracted By   City of San Diego 
Contract Value   $3,425,423
Dates Work Performed   October 2008 to October 2009
Location   Pacific Beach, CA

Scope of Work

  • Installation, replacement and rehabilitation of 8" to 18" trunkline sewers.
  • Construction of various surface improvements including pedestrian ramps, asphalt overlay, curb and gutter, sidewalks and slurry sealing.
  • Abandonment of existing sewers.

Unique Aspects

  • There was 910' of 18" jack and bored sewer placed within a 36" steel casing. The work was over 20' deep in groundwater and directly adjacent to the San Diego Bay.
  • The jack and bore consisted of 4 runs and utilized 4 large bore pits that required 24 hour traffic control and dewatering. 
  • All work was done in tight residential streets near a sensitive habitat.
Estimator   Project Manager   Elan Schier
Superintendent   Jim Hundley / Derek Franken
Foreman   Larry Findahl