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Austin Cameron, Project Manager


Otay 450 Reservoir & Pump Station

Project Name  450-1 Recycled Water Reservoir & 680-1 Recycled Water Pump Station
Contracted By  Otay Water District


Contract Value $14,470,000
Dates Work was Performed 12/05/05 to 6/29/07
Location 1700 Maxwell Road, Chula Vista 91911
Scope of Work

  • 12 million gallon steel reservoir
  • 17 million gallon / day recycled water pump station.

Unique Aspects

  • This project demonstrates a commitment to conservation of precious potable water resources by providing up to 6 mgd of recycled water to customers. Recycled water will ultimately represent about 15 to 20 percent of Otay Water District's total supply, reflecting an increase from 1 mgd to at least 10 mgd. The 450 Reservoir and 680 Pump Station conserves potable water by ensuring a supply of recycled water for use wherever potable water can be replaced. The economic impact of this project is substantial, as each gallon of recycled water used reduces potable water usage.

Value Engineering

  • TC Construction proposed use of high-stress steel for the 12 mg steel tank, and a district agreement with the county to recycle excess site material at the landfill.

Estimator  Austin Cameron
Project Manager  Maria Pasaba
Superintendent  Tim Boyd and Steve Coker
Foreman Roger Marken