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Harmony Grove Village

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Harmony Grove Village Reclamation Plant

Contracted By   Standard Pacific
Private Project
Work Performance Dates  January 2014 - August 2015
Location La Jolla, CA
Scope of Work

  • Plant is designed for an average daily flow of 541,000 gallons per day and will treat domestic watewater generated at the Harmony Grove Village development.
  • The plant will provide secondary and tertiary treatment of domestic wastewater.
  • Primary treatment processes at the plant will consist of a rotating drum screen, a bypass channel with a manually cleaned bar rake, and two equalization basins.
  • Secondary treatment will consist of an Aero-Mod extended aeration activated sludge process made up of selector tanks, aeration tanks, and clarifiers.
  • The recycled water will be used for irrigation within the Harmony Grove Village development as well as other areas within the Rincon Del Diablo MWD service area.
  • Project consists of 2500CYD of concrete and over 100 pieces of equipment to install.
  • Together with subcontractors, over 100,000 ft of mechanical and electrical pipe will be installed.

Unique Aspects

  • Harmony Grove Village development project is a master-planned ccommunity located in an unincorporated area of San Diego County between San Marcos and Escondido. The development will occupy 468 acres and include single family residential units, commercial buildings, a park, several community purpose facilities, and an equestrian area.