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La Jolla Centre III Deep Sewer

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La Jolla Centre III Deep Sewer

Contracted By   Suffolk-Roel
Private Project
Work Performance Dates  August 2013 - May 2014
Location La Jolla, CA
Scope of Work

  • Expose existing 72" trunk sewer at a depth range of 40' - 60'.
  • Place protective cap over top of sewer pipe consisting of slurry and structural geofoam so site could be backfilled and would sustain the weight of a large parking structure and adjacent high rise that are scheduled for construction.
  • Mass excavation requiring various shoring methods including ply forms, trench shields and two large soldier pile walls.
  • Removal and replacement of a portion of trunk sewer, modification of existing tunnel portal structure and addition of new 71' tall section of 16' x 16-1/2' T-Locked concrete structure. Overall height at completion almost 100'.

Unique Aspects

  • Work closely coordinated with City Wastewater Operations staff, as the 51.2 MGD peak trunk sewer flow remain live during entire project.
  • Several phases of the work had to be performed in close, confined space, with short time-frames, since sewer shutdowns were only allowed for a maximum of 4 hours at a time.