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San Diego Zoo Stormwater Equalization Tank


San Diego Zoo Stormwater Equalization Tank

Contracted By   San Diego Zoological Society
Private Project   
Dates Work Performed   July 2012 - August 2012
Location   San Diego, California

Scope of Work

  • Construct a new system to regulate runoff water
  • Mass excavation of over 25' in depth for the installation of 380,--- gallon storm water equalization tank structure
  • 1,500 cy of poured in place concrete
  • Various sewer, storm drain, and dry utility improvements
  • 4,227 sq ft of soldier pile shoring wall
  • 2,000 sq ft of cast in place retaining wall
  • Grading
  • Onsite and off site asphalt paving
  • Electrical control modifications
  • Landscape improvements

Unique Aspects

  • The Equalization Tank is a custom structure, desinged to meet the specific storm water runoff needs of the San Diego Zoo and a portion of Balboa Park
  • Wide variety of requirements, including deep excavations, restrictive working conditions, design-build aspects
  • During excavation, an intact fossil of a 3 million year old juvenile baleen whale was discovered. The San Diego Natural History museum heralds this discovery as the most significant find of this type in the last 60 years