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Camp Pendleton

Project Name Raw Water Transmission Line and
                     Iron Manganese Treatment Plant Upgrade
Contracted By Department of the Navy
Federal Government
Contract Value $6,799,083
Dates Work Performed November 2003 thru July 2006
Location Camp Pendleton Marine Corp Base, Oceanside, California
Scope of Work

  • This was a design and build project. TC Construction was the Prime Contractor overseeing both phases of work. The civil engineer for the raw water line was Hirsch Engineering and the mechanical and civil engineer for the Iron Manganese Treatment Plant was Boyle Engineering.
  • Install over 15,000 feet of 24" Steel Water Main that can carry raw water from the 15 wells located in the river valley and convey it to the Iron Manganese Plant were the raw water is filtered and converted into potable water for use on the base. All 15 wells had a surge protection system installed to eliminate "water hammer" on the 24" Raw Water Line. There were 3 Directional Drilling Bores that installed 12" HDPE raw water line with trenchless technology in an environmentally sensitive area that would not allow open cut methods.
  • The Iron Maganese plant was completely upgraded with all new electronics, flow control devices, VFD's, analyzers, a new steel framed building, new chemical piping, new filter media and under-drain backwash system in all 4 filter capsules. One of the highlights of this upgrade was the temporary 88,000 gallon purge tank that was set-up during the plant upgrade so TC Construction could go inside the existing steel tank and install an epoxy coating that would extend the life expectancy of the existing tank. All plant upgrades had to take place while the existing plant stayed in operation.

Estimator Wes Wise
Project Manager
Wes Wise
Superintendent Charlie Templeton
Foreman Jaime Valle